Okke Peemen (NED) Vive La Vie's Hip Hop | SGW Etten-Leur 2017 © Eventingphoto
Okke Peemen (NED) Vive La Vie's Hip Hop | SGW Etten-Leur 2017 © Eventingphoto

A week filled with rain and sunshine.

Last week was intense. First of all we edited the photos from the weekend before and uploaded to our site. Second of all we also went to a road trip to the classic show grounds of Luhmühlen for the seasons first international eventing.

Normally Luhmühlen is our second international of the year but this year we all had to say farewell to the fab event at Fontainebleu, France making the German event the very first.

As usual at this CIC2* the starting field did not disappoint anybody. We had some of the strongest and most experienced combinations on the planet in the starting blocks. But we also had the up and coming Norwegian eventing crew on the grounds and these girls and boy for sure are going all in for the European Championships at Strzegom later on this year.

Last man, women actually, standing in the rain and somewhat heavy conditions at Luhmühlen were Ingrid Klimke riding Horseware Hale Bob OLD and Josefa Sommer riding Hamilton 24.

From international to national.

Over the weekend we only had a Sunday event which really turned out to be a sunny day at Etten-Leur in the south of the Netherlands.

Here we could watch some of the national top combinations riding on the highest level with both horse and ponies. Pony classes are always exciting as they are but even more when ponies come out with last year pony riders or complete new ones all aiming for the European Championships for ponies.

All the photos from these events are now online and available on our website.

Tip of the day.

Last but not least the tip of the day. Did you notice how easy we’ve made it to find photos on our website. Not only are all our event galleries from 2016 and 2017 to be found directly on our frontpage.

But you can also use the tagging system in the sidebar to find your events. So if you i.e. have been riding CIC2* just click on the CIC2* tag and you will get directly to the galleries from the past two years containing photos from CIC2* events.

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The current view of the CIC2* tag on Eventing Photo