So what does take us so long?

Sometimes we get the question of “What’s taking so long?” regarding the task of getting our photos online.

Our database.

There are many angles on the response to that question but the most important one is we log all our photos.

This means that all our photos – with a few exceptions – are searchable on our site. You can search on the name of the rider you can search on the name of the horse, event and level of competition. This makes it easier for you to find the photos on our website.

As from 2016 we have also implemented a tag search on our front page to help you find photos faster.

Downloading takes time.

Another angle why it’s taking so long is we need to travel home from events and we also need to download the photos onto our computers so we can edit them.

Editing photos is on top of the logging of the photos. Editing also contains the very much important quality control. Our quality control is there to make sure our photos are good enough for prints and online usage.

High peaks.

Sometimes the season has high peaks with several events running at the same time. This means we can be out shooting photos several days in a row and edit the photos when all the events are done.