Jeanette Chardon NED Ginellie M | Kronenberg 2017 © Eventingphoto
Jeanette Chardon NED Ginellie M | Kronenberg 2017 © Eventingphoto

My friend got eight photos but I only see the one of me.

Sometimes we get the question why we have so few photos or even no photos from a particular combination of horse and rider when we have 8 photos of the combination just before.

There are many reasons why this may happen but the main ones are the following.

  1. Bad light
  2. Jamming camera gear
  3. People blocking our view
  4. The bad jump
  5. Nature calling

Lets break them down a bit and explain them a little bit more.

Bad Light.

Bad light is always a tricky thing and often occurs in the late part of the season when the day’s are getting shorter.

It can also become really bad light just before a thunderstorm or similar weather conditions. If you’re then sitting on a dark coated horse it may be a problem to get the perfect shot of you.

Bad light combined with dark horses is also a common problem at indoor events.

Jamming camera gear.

Just like the weather a jamming camera is hard to avoid. Even though treating our gear in the best way possible every photographer one time or the other have experienced how the perfect shot gets lost just because the camera won’t fire properly.

People blocking our view.

Even though we always try to place ourselves to avoid people getting in between us and the fences out in cross country there is no guarantee no people will be in our way.

The bad jump.

Everybody gets a bad jump or even a fall in their career. We know that and you know that. Even so we try to avoid to publish photos of situations that if pulled out of context may be used against an individual rider and or the equestrian sport. Even so if you know we were around for some kind of incident please feel free to contact us and we for sure will try an let you see the photos.

Nature calling.

Last but not least, we’re only human and sometimes nature calls when there’s no break in site. This is unfortunate but could mean we have to skip a couple of combinations.