Of course you can use our photos on your social media channels!

Lately we’ve been getting lots of questions about using our photos on social media. And the simple answer to that question is:

Yes you can!

The longer answer is:

Yes you can!

Cause when you as a rider purchase a photo of us that is included in the usage license (privé gebruik/private usage) that comes along with the photo. It’s as simple as that.

The breaking point goes where you as a private person buy one of our photos and i.e. a magazine ask you “do you have a photo to tag along with this article about you”. That’s what we refer to as a no go.

Cause both media and other commercial companies are well aware of the need to purchase their own commercial license to use photos but occasionally some of them might try to escape the cost.

Hope that clear things up a bit and if not you are always free to get in contact with us via mail and we’ll make sure to help you out 😀

Best regards Team @eventingphoto 🙂