Eventing Derby Middenbeemster 2019 | © Eventingphoto
Eventing Derby Middenbeemster 2019 | © Eventingphoto

The past weekend we went to the annual Eventing Derby at Middenbeemster, the Netherlands. An eventing derby is technically a form of arena eventing where you do a bit of showjumping and continue out on a course with cross country fences. One of the very neat things with this particular derby is it’s run over an all weather footing!

For us this was the first official outdoor event for the season and one that came with extreme weather conditions. The extreme weather actually forced us to stop shooting at one point during Sunday. Which of course is very unfortunate for the riders in the L-class. But we’re pretty sure we’ll catch them at another event or two during the season 😀

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We had a couple of people asking where we’re heading during this season. And a good clue is to check out our site where we’ve been during previous years. Cause normally we don’t deviate so much from that except when events close down for good or others see the day of light.

In the slideshow below you can view the photos from the M-ponies at Middenbeemster. For all our photos please make sure to check out our webshop.