With all exciting indoor events and eventing derbys during the winter months it may not be completely fair to call SGW Alphen-Chaam season premiere.

But in the big scheme of pictures Chaam indeed is the full blown first competition of the year. And let’s face it the weather did play some tricks on us all during the past Sunday. Throwing down both rain, storm, sunshine and hale. Even so the photos came out great and you can find all the photos on our website.

The photo illustrating this article happened in the last few minutes of the day. Horse and rider tripped and fell on the flat in the water – which is in a lake. And the horse took off for a swim. All ended good for both horse and rider so no worries there. Even the protection boots were fished up from the water and delivered back to the rider.

In the gallery below the photos from the Z-horses. Which is the highest level of national competitions in the Netherlands.